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Yogi Reviews

This place is like a second home to me! Great variety of classes, wonderful instructors, and the owner is so down to earth! They treat their customers like friends and I’ve never felt such a positive and loving atmosphere! HIGHLY recommend getting on your mat and checking them out :)

Summer E.

Trinity Yoga offers a wide variety of classes for every level in the morning and evening, every day of the week. The instructors are very experienced and helpful by offering alternative poses to meet everyone’s level. There is a sense of welcome because the instructors are always aware of individual needs by offering to bring over blankets, blocks, etc. and asking if the temperature is comfortable. The studios are beautiful and clean with a warm vibe of relaxing lighting. In just a month, I feel such a change in my recently replaced left knee. It feels strengthened and much more stable. My stress and anxiety has decreased as well. I actually feel good all over! This is the best yoga studio I have joined, great management!

Lynn M.

I used to practice yoga in college but hadn't in a few years - when I saw the groupon for this studio I was really excited as I had been looking to get back into it but needed motivation. It has been a wonderful experience!!! They have a great variety of classes at convenient times, and they keep on growing! They just added more classes/times with the addition of the new room so there's even more to choose from. Everyone there is very helpful and approachable. They give you lots modifications to the poses so you can go at your own pace and do what's right for your body. It hasn't even been a month but I feel the change in my spirit, mind and body. It's a great feeling to be back doing something I love so much. :)

Virginia S.

Janel and her team are just fantastic. They care about your yoga practice as well as yourself as a whole. I no longer live in the area but having taken yoga classes all over the country, I can say they are truly one of my favorite studios. One-of-a-kind!

Carrie P.

I started at Trinity Yoga years ago. I love yoga, but hate going to places where I don't know anyone. I feel anxious when I do. It wasn't great, walking into a new place, not knowing anyone or anything about the people that run it.

I'm going to tell you, that feeling wore off literally in the first few minutes of my walking in the door. The atmosphere is very, very calming. I've yet to meet anyone there that wasn't just an absolute joy to be around. They treat you like an old friend when they meet you; respectful and kind. They listen to any questions you have, pay attention to your needs (my lower back is of concern, so they were sure to give me alts during our classes WITHOUT calling me out), they encourage you, and they treat you like family. When I had to stop going for almost a year (surgeries and then a job change) I was devastated. But when I was able to come back, it felt like I never left.

I can not say enough wonderful things about Trinity Yoga. It's filled with just really amazing people, excellent classes, listening owners, and challenging yet rewarding teachings.
If you are looking for a studio to try, please, give Trinity a go. You won't be disappointed, no matter what you're looking for in a practice.

Ambyr L.