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Class DescriptionsWe have well over 40 weekly classes to choose from, and all levels are encouraged to join us. Some of our classes are geared towards beginners or more advanced practitioners, but there are plenty of options for those at any point in their yoga journey. To learn more about each class, simply click on its title to expand the description. Don’t forget to check out our Frequently Asked Questions, too! If you need help selecting the class that’s right for you, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re always happy to help! For information on preparing for class, check out our guide.
  • Gentle (Beginner)

    Gentle is a less intense, more simplistic form of yoga that offers modifications to the standard Hatha yoga poses. The pace is very relaxed, and is a wonderful alternative for those who are trying to get active again, recovering from an illness or injury, are pregnant, or those who are simply looking for a calming practice. This is a great place to start, return to, or allow growth in your yoga practice.

  • iRest (All Levels)

    iRest stands for Integrative Restoration, which is a modern-day version of the ancient guided meditation practice of yoga nidra. Like other forms of treatment and healing, IRest works directly by changing the sensory, cognitive, and emotional symptoms related to PTSD. This 10-step protocol teaches self-care skills for healing and resolving symptoms from triggers related to war or military sexual trauma. It’s a practice of self-inquiry that teaches you tools that lead you to experience resiliency, a felt sense of well-being, and getting back on track to living your life with meaning, purpose and value.

  • Yin (All Levels)

    Yin Yoga involves long held postures (anywhere from 5 to 10 minutes) to stretch deep into the connective tissue of the body.

  • Heated Stretch and Align (All Levels)

    Heal the mind, body, and soul with Heated Align and Stretch. This class features a series of postures, designed to improve overall wellness and flexibility. Feel your body relax as you use the magic of yoga and the benefits of stretching in the heat. The room will be heated to approximately 90 degrees. Align yourself on all levels: mind, body, and spirit.

  • Hatha (All Levels)

    Traditional standing and seated poses with focus on proper breathing techniques. Hatha Yoga will calm the mind through concentration on alignment of the body, build strong bones and muscles and cleanse the system of toxins.

  • Power

    Hot Power (Intermediate to Advanced) The room is heated to 90 degrees and is a flowing vinyasa style yoga set to inspirational music. Purify the body as you cleanse away toxins, use ujayi style deep breathing, and poses that blend beautifully together reaching every muscle, organ and joint in the body. Learn to let go and be at ease in the pose.