When it comes to yoga and the practice of yoga, there are a lot of misconceptions and myths. TheTrinity Yoga Studio Inverted Poses facts aren’t always very clear, even for some yoga practitioners! Having lots of questions about yoga is understandable, especially if you're first starting out, and it’s our goal to address some of the more frequently asked questions. If you have a question we don’t cover in this guide, though, feel free to contact us and we’ll get back with you as soon as we can!

P.S. There’s no such thing as a silly question! We all started as beginners and explorers, so we remember what it was like to first dive in. We want you to get all the answers you need as you begin this journey, so don’t hesitate to reach out.

Trinity Policies and Programs FAQ

Q. I've never done yoga. Am I welcome at Trinity Yoga Studio?
A. YES!  We encourage everybody to give yoga a try. There are no prerequisites for yoga, unless you have been directed by a physician to avoid physical activity due to injury or limitation.   

Q. I'm an experienced yoga practitioner. Are there class options for me at Trinity?
A. You bet! We offer a range of classes, from Gentle to Hot Power (advanced) and plenty in between.  

Trinity Yoga Class Yoga PoseQ. Are children welcome to participate in Trinity's yoga classes?
A. Children over 12 years of age are welcome in our yoga classes, but must be accompanied by guardian. They are, of course, always welcome at one of Trinity's yoga workshops for children.

Q. Are Trinity Yoga Studio's classes accessible for individuals with a disability?
A. Our gentle classes are designed for everybody, including those of varying ability.  If you prefer to work one on one or want to meet specific goals, we have private yoga available.

Q. Does Trinity Yoga Studio provide any class discounts or specials for active military, veterans or other groups?
We offer special rates for teachers, first responders, and active duty military or veterans of all branches on our unlimited auto debit memberships. The special pricing is $75 monthly, which is reduced from our regular price of $80 monthly. 

Q. Does Trinity Yoga Studio offer specials or discounts for specific groups or during specific times of the year? 
A. There are specials that run periodically. Please sign up for our newsletter to stay in the loop on what is available, so you don't miss out! We do have a running special for first-time Trinity students -- one month for $35, and two months for $49!

Q. Why should I take yoga classes from Trinity?
A. Because we rock.

New Student FAQ

Q. I’m new to yoga. Which yoga class should I try first?
A. If you have never done any form of exercise, are recovering from an illness or injury, are seeking stress relief, or want to work on your flexibility, we recommend you begin with a Gentle Yoga class. If you are currently active, are looking for a change from your regular routine or are interested in a more physical experience, you should consider a Hatha yoga or Power Yoga class. To learn more about our classes and class types, check out our class descriptions.

Q. How can I prepare for my yoga class?
Great question! You can check out our handy guide, Getting Ready For Class.

Q. Do I need to sign up for Trinity classes in advance? 
A. Nope! Just show up 10 to 15 minutes before class starts to sign in at the desk and unroll your mat.

Q. What can I expect from a class at Trinity Yoga Studio?
A. You will find a warm, welcoming, non-judging environment where you can feel completely comfortable and supported by others on the same journey to health and happiness.

Q. What do I need to bring for class?
A. A yoga mat and water are required for all classes. If you’re joining a power yoga, hot yoga or pilates class, you’ll also need a towel. Mat rentals are available in the studio, and we have water to share, although you’ll need to bring your own container.

Trinity Yoga Studio Yoga Classes

Wear comfortable, stretchy clothes and bring a mat

Q. What should I wear?
A. Wear stretchy, athletic clothing you will be comfortable exercising in. No sneakers required, as all classes are performed bare footed. Pro tip: clothes that are too loose may get in your way, and clothes that are too tight may be restrictive.

Q. How long are classes?
A. Most classes are 60 minutes long, although we do have some shorter and longer classes. Please check the Trinity Yoga Studios schedule to see class times, descriptions and durations.

Q. How much are classes?
A. Your first class is $5.00. We then offer class cards, which allow you to purchase access to 5, 10, or 20 classes of your choice, to be enjoyed at any time within a 6 month period. Our budget-friendly monthly pricing options grant you unlimited access to any and all classes you’d like to partake in. Drop-ins and Walk-ins are always welcome for a $15 class fee. Please see the Trinity Yoga Studio’s Pricing page for more information.

Q. How can I redeem my Trinity Yoga Studio Groupon?
A. If you have a Groupon, it must be redeemed in person at Trinity Yoga Studio. Please choose whatever class you would like to begin with (we suggest a gentle class if you have never one yoga), and come in with your Groupon voucher 10 minutes before class begins so we can put you into our system. No need to register online prior to class.

Q. What is yoga studio etiquette?
A. Please silence all electronics upon arrival to the studio and refrain from wearing strong fragrances or dangling jewelry. Keep conversations and movements quiet before class as people often meditate or rest until the class officially begins. Arrive at least 5 minutes prior to class time as the doors lock once class starts. If you are new to the studio, arrive at least 10 minutes before your first class. Move your mat as you see the room fill so that everyone has space.

Pro tip: Clothes that are too loose may get in your way, and clothes that are too tight may be restrictive. Wear something that allows you to move freely, but that isn't too baggy.

Yoga FAQ

Q. What is yoga?
A. At its most practical level yoga is a process of becoming more aware of who we are. Yoga techniques facilitate balance and health, and unfold our potential. Yoga allows us to be more aware of ourselves and feel connected. As such, yoga is a process of self-discovery.
Trinity Yoga Studio All Kinds of YogaQ. How many kinds of yoga are there?
A. There is a form of yoga for every body! Gentle yoga and Yin yoga are great for beginners, or those who just like a nice easy relaxing stretch. Hatha yoga is a beginner/intermediate level of practice that incorporates balance and strength building posers along with stretching. Power yoga and Ashtanga yoga are advanced classes for those looking for a challenge. It incorporates endurance, strength and balance with a flow. All classes can be modified to fit what your body needs whenever you come to your mat.

Q. Are some kinds of yoga better than others? 
A. The best yoga to do is the yoga that fits what your body and mind need at the moment. Here are some great definitions that might help you find the yoga that is best for you. Of course, don't hesitate to contact us if you need assistance or have questions!

Q. Is yoga a religion?
A. No. Yoga is often mistaken to have religious affiliations, though. In some religions, people utilize yoga as part of their spiritual practice. However, yoga itself is not a religion.  Hatha Yoga is defined as breath and movement.  This is the common style of yoga that is offered through our studio, whether it’s power based or gentle.  People of all religions, or lack thereof, practice and reap the benefits of yoga. Our yoga practices are not spiritually based, and all, regardless of religion, are welcome to partake in our study.

Q. Is yoga a type of meditation?
A. Meditation is an element within the yoga practice.  There are several styles of meditation.  Yoga classes often include some type of meditation as an inspiration for the class, such as mindfulness meditation as a way to teach students to stay more present/in the moment.

Q. Is a special diet required in order to do yoga?
A. Absolutely not. Eat whatever you'd like. It is suggested not to eat 30 minutes prior to taking a physical yoga class, but there is no special diet required. This is because we sometimes invert, or do Trinity Yoga Studio Breathing and Meditationbreathwork that compresses the abdomen a bit, and a belly full of food can be uncomfortable. What many yoga students find, though, is that their eating habits change over time, as a natural reaction to being more in tuned with their bodies.

Q. What's all this stuff about breathing (breathwork) and yoga?
A. If we are breathing, we are alive. If we are alive, we can practice yoga. This is the truth. Part of the yoga journey involves becoming more aware of our breathing patterns, which often leads to us becoming more relaxed. As we breathe with awareness, our minds tend to slow down. This is where we may become more in tuned with the body during our yoga practice. There are different breathing techniques presented in yoga, each of which have several unique benefits.

Q. How often should I practice yoga?
A. Yoga can be done every day. If you are just beginning yoga, try to practice twice per week. Within one month, you will notice a change in strength and flexibility along with a calmer mind.

Q. Can I do different types of yoga at the same time?
A. Some days you may just want to stretch and take it easy, but other days you may feel up to challenging your body. We encourage you to try all our classes because, after all, variety is the spice of life!

Q. What are some of the benefits to yoga?
A. There are too many to list, but here are some of the big ones:
·       Increased flexibility
·       Increased muscle strength and tone
·       Improved respiration, energy and vitality
·       Maintaining a balanced metabolism
·       Weight reduction
·       Cardio and circulatory health
·       Improved athletic performance
·       Protection from injury
·       Reduces stress & anxiety
·       Lowers blood pressure
·       Helps with insomnia & depression
·       Calms the mind

Q. Who can benefit from yoga?
A. Absolutely everyone can benefit from yoga.

Trinity Yoga Studio Yoga for EverybodyQ. I'm not flexible. Is yoga for me?
A. Saying you’re not flexible enough to do yoga is like saying you’re too dirty to take a shower. You don't need to be flexible, and yes, yoga is for you.

Q. Isn't yoga just like stretching?
A. Nope! First and foremost, yoga is breathing. If you are breathing, you are doing yoga.

Q. Will I lose weight doing yoga?
A. It’s interesting how doing something good for your body and mind such as yoga can lead to a healthier lifestyle and choices. So yes, if you need to lose weight to be living in a healthier body, then practicing yoga will lead you there, but it is certainly not the goal. Of course, for those looking to shred the fat, any of our power yoga classes will definitely do that.

Q. I have an injury. Can I still practice yoga?
A. All our instructors give modifications for the poses, so easing into postures with assistance of a block, strap, or other tool, will help you find the best and most comfortable variation of the posture for your body.  Of course, the rule of thumb is if it hurts, stop and wait for the next pose.  There is no destination, only a journey.

Q. I have special needs or a disability. Can I benefit from yoga?
A. Yes, definitely! We can work with every body and ability.

Q. I'm male. Can I practice yoga?
A. You bet you can!  Most men shy away from taking yoga because they think it’s only for girls; there is no bigger myth.  We have a growing population of men in our classes, including a number of first responders and veterans.

Q. Is yoga only for women?
A. Nope! See above. Everyone can benefit from yoga. All genders, gender expressions, and identities are welcome at Trinity.

Q. What if I can't do a yoga pose?
A. Sit, relax, breath, and come back into the practice whenever you are ready.Mysore Ashtanga Yoga Trinity Yoga Studio

Q. What should I do if a yoga pose is painful or hurts me?
A. Stop immediately. Ask about modifications. If there isn't a modification that will help you perform the pose comfortably, just wait this pose out. Breathe while you wait.